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The Great Impertinence (or Belief in God – Rooted in the Past or Evolving into the future?)  

This positive and most readable article has been written in an attempt to come to terms with the fact that Western Society is becoming more and more secular in the 21st Century (AD).  The Author, Philip Norris wants to spark a new debate on why this might be.  Is this the new “ignorance” borne along by lack of time and many distractions in our societies that has critically eroded our traditional beliefs; be they be Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhism or Hindu.

This is not a religious tract so please don’t switch off at this point; this is rather your way of putting your religious beliefs into a modern perspective that will hopefully endure far into the future.    Read on

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“Micromanagement is a complete waste of time.  It sucks the life out of employees, fosters anxiety and creates a high stress work environment.  Select the right people and give them room to get on with the job.”

In business and in in any group activity, we all know how true Brigette’s quotation is.  Whilst governance and supervision is always necessary in any corporate situation, it is ultimately a matter of trust not only for the employee, but also about having the confidence that the management of that employee is carried out by the appropriately qualified and emotionally sympatico supervisor.

Good managers instinctively know that they are responsible for both morale and good efficiency.  Ultimately, the buck stops with the Boss!

 February 2019

Brigette Hyacinth - is a Bestselling author, and an International Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Management, HR, Social Media Marketing & Influencing, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence.