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The Great Impertinence (or Belief in God – Rooted in the Past or Evolving into the future?)  

This positive and most readable article has been written in an attempt to come to terms with the fact that Western Society is becoming more and more secular in the 21st Century (AD).  The Author, Philip Norris wants to spark a new debate on why this might be.  Is this the new “ignorance” borne along by lack of time and many distractions in our societies that has critically eroded our traditional beliefs; be they be Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhism or Hindu.

This is not a religious tract so please don’t switch off at this point; this is rather your way of putting your religious beliefs into a modern perspective that will hopefully endure far into the future.    Read on

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  Here on the edge of what we know, in contact with the ocean of the unknown, shines the mystery and beauty of the World - and it is breathtaking”  Carlo Rovelli born 3rd May 1956

This quotation illustrates the sense of wonder the theoretical physicist fraternity have about progressively unravelling the workings of both the Universe and the microcosm of our tiny planet.

That is not to say that humankind will ever become God-like as we acquire more and more knowledge.  Whilst doubting some of the prescriptive religious beliefs of established religions, Carlo Rovelli certainly believes in God’s creation.   This chimes well with an article on this website entitled: “The Great Impertinence”    Our imagination will always be limited - but God’s isn’t!

Carlo Rovelli, a noted theoretical physicist, was born in Verona, Italy and has worked both Europe and in the USA.  He is one of the chief proponents of the “Loop Quantum Gravity Theory” which looks like being the next “big thing” in progressing to a possible Unified Theory.  He is also the author of a best-seller book entitled: “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics”.  No doubt, he will be remembered by future generations in the same league as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

    November 2017

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